Friday, April 1, 2016

Donald Trump To Deport All Zombies, Mutants, Leprechauns, Unicorns and Headless Space Aliens!

 When Donald Trump was told that it is a old Chicago tradition for the dead to rise from their graves and vote democrat and that Hillary Clinton, a democrat from Chicago might employ the Walking Dead in her campaign for American Dictator, The Donald vowed to expel all dead people from the United States.

Furthermore the Trumpster will build a magical wall to keep the Unicorns out.

Trumpkins will build a dome to keep the headless space aliens out.

The Trumpmeister will do genetic screening to find all mutants and send then to Guantanamo to be water boarded until they reveal the secrets of their mutant powers.

All boxes of lucky charms will be moved to Fort Knox to keep them safe from Leprechauns/

 And in conclusion Trumpilicious will surround the borders of the United States with pig blood, pig urine and pig feces to keep out the riff raff and he will pile holy books like the Necronomicon behind the piles of pig guts and burn them to keep evil spirits out of the United States of America.





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