Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trump The Race Card: How Trump Can Win The Black Vote


How can Trump win the black vote?

They say you should never answer a question with a question.

But Donald Trump has gotten away with a lot of things they say you should never do. 

Come to think of it, so has Hillary but we can talk about her later.

Meanwhile, back and Trump Towers...

Recently Google announced that it was going to train 2 million people from India how to program phones.

Donald Trump should give a speech where he publicly asks why can't Google do that for 2 million unemployed, inner city, young, black men.

Recently a number of educational  and industry institutions as well as some organizations and individuals have announced free computer coding, camps, seminars, sessions and classes all around the country.  Donald Trump should give a speech where he asks why can't these camps be located in the inner city in neighborhoods that include chronically unemployed black youth.

Donald Trump should take every technology initiative that occurred in the last year that involved teaching or  training or which involved the creation of jobs or moving jobs and why it can't be done in the cities and neighborhoods of people who need it most.

In a Donald Trump administration all  job and technology initiatives will be centered in neighborhoods that have the highest unemployment so that unemployed Americans get the jobs first.  For the group that has the highest unemployment numbers, inner city black youths, this means that suddenly black people move to the head of the line for the good, for the best stuff that we can offer.

In a Trump administration you will no longer have a government giving your jobs to foreign criminals (aka undocumented democrats).  Moreover, you will no longer have a government that guarantees to flood the country will a million Syria refugees who will take what few jobs are left.  Under a Trump administrations black teenaged males will be first in line for the well paying high tech jobs because as legal citizens who have neglected far too long, they deserve it.


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