Monday, January 30, 2017

Government By Adult Tantrum


No matter how many tantrums the lying, bribed traitor communists  throw, Trump must stay the course:

The Top 10 Things Trump Needs to Do in His First 100 Days

1)  Abolish the Department of Education

2)  Halt all immigration, legal and illegal for one full year

3)  Arrest all governors and mayors who have implemented Sanctuary Cities

4)  Jail all who hire foreign criminals (undocumented democrats)

5)  Deport all illegals who have committed any violent crimes

6) Punish all nations who will not take back their illegals will financial and political sanctions

7) Abolish Federal student loans:  Why pay people to be taught to hate us?

8)  Impeach and remove all judges who ruled in favor of violating the US constitution:  For instance any ruling that dictated anything except immediate deportation of all foreign criminals (aka undocumented democrats)

9)  Unleash all America's energy companies

10)  Offer all who believe in Climate Change or Global warming as permanent energy ambassadors to countries like China, India and Indonesia.  The west does not need climate changers.  The third world actually does.

11)  Fine every company and corporation $250K for each foreign criminal they hire and put all their corporate and company officers in prison.

12)  Offer all progressives and liberals one way tickets to Pakistan.


Trump Triumphs: Two Years Before Congress Loses Its Spine Again 



Trump Triumphs: Time To Abolish Public Education



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