Saturday, May 7, 2016

Blame Someone Else Day & Friday the 13th


Given that Friday the 13th coincides with Blame Someone Else Day I figure it's unlucky to take the fall so I blame you.

You are free to blame:

1) George Bush
2)  Barack Hussein Obama
3)  Hillary Clinton
4)  Donald Trump
5) Vanilla Ice
6) Insert your least favorite religion here
7) Insert your least favorite political organization here
8) Global smarming
9) General Douchery
10) General Disaster
11) Major Malfunction
12) Private Parts
13)  Reality TV
14)  The Kardashians
15)  The designated hitter rule
16)  Your dog or your cat depending on which one ate the homework
17)  The Dewy decimal system
18)  Daylight savings time
19)  The man bun
20)  A sixteen dimensional algebra with zero divisors which is non-commutative and non-associative. (Loser, thy name is Sedenion)


Or just blame some dead guys:

1)  Hitler
2)  Stalin
3)  Karl Marx
4) Saddam Hussein
5)  Muammar Qaddafi

Under the heading of  Why Bother Haven't They Suffered Enough?

1)  Alex Jones
2)  Alex Jones
3)  Alex Jones
4)  Shirtless Putin
5)  Syria
6)  ISIS
7)  Pedophiles who identify as women
8)  Glenn Beck  (aka, Calvin Coolidge comparisons are the kiss of death)
9) Rush Limbaugh
10)  Keith Olbermann
12)  Fox News
13)  Apostates
14)  Witches 
15)  Satan worshipers
16)  Everyone who is lying about leaving America if there ever is a:  President Trump
17)  Zoroastrians
18)  Zombies
19)  Headless space alien zombie unicorns at area 69 
20)  The People's Republic of Bacon
21)  Nobody sees your posts because everyone has you on block or mute
22)  Nobody sees your posts because the moderators stuck you in the "Secret Garden" with the bots.
1001)  North Korea



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