Saturday, February 20, 2016

Dream Catching the Evil Eye, Anti-Luck and the World’s Worst Lottery Numbers

In the United States many consider the number 13 to be unlucky. 
In China the number 4 is considered unlucky since the word for it sounds similar to the word for death.
In Japan 9 is considered unlucky.

17 is bad luck in Italy.

For India 26 is a bad number.

666 is bad because it is the sign of evil from the Bible.

What does this mean to you?  It means you can get lucky via anti-luck.

Think of it this way:  If there was such thing as conference room 444 on the 4th floor in China you could have it all to yourself even though the country has over a billion people in it.

Similar logic applies to the other “unlucky numbers” from their associated countries.

But since the United States is a melting pot nation full of people from all over the world you could carry things one step further.  If you are every at a loss for powerball lottery numbers the obvious choice is the numbers are truly randomly drawn are the “unlucky numbers.”  Why, because others will avoid them.  And that means you might actually get a billion dollar jackpot all to yourself.

So you could try 4-9-13-17-26.
If you need to get “unlucky numbers” from other countries.  If you are in the United States any country will do.  Consider that all the karmic energy people expend in avoid unlucky numbers is pushing good luck toward you when you use those unlucky numbers.
If you need to generate more unlucky numbers for your lottery choices then mix and match the previous unlucky numbers.



This reminds me that in some kinds of magical thinking one actually uses evil to either attract good luck or to cause evil to avoid you.  Some folks use this idea in things like evil eyes, worry dolls and dream catchers.

Imagine if you did all the things people considered unlucky simultaneously whilst betting paltry sums on “unlucky” lottery numbers.  I say paltry sums cause we are trying to get lucky, not stupid.  Never bet your kid’s lunch money.  That’s just evil.  Bet you cigarette money and then don’t smoke.  That’s good.
So walk on a broken mirror, under a ladder carrying a black cat and an open umbrella indoors whilst betting a dollar on a string of unlucky lottery numbers.

If you believe in luck or collective unconscious or mojo or any other superstitious nonsense then consider this away to harness an unseen universe unseen malevolence and beat like the red headed step child of a rented mule.

A bizarre way of looking at it might be you are trying to build up a great deal of negative energy know that this will induce a huge charge of positive energy.   It almost seems like you need a partner in this enterprise…Someone you can trust….


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