Tuesday, December 27, 2016

When Will Obama Send A Trojan to Russia


Barack Hussein Obama was so angry when he heard that the Russians had hacked Hillary Clinton's recipes and yoga exercises  that he threatened to retaliate. 

So the only question is when is Obama going to do that "To Russia with Love" thing.  You know, send the Russians a Trojan virus.

Heres how it could happen, many computers around the world have cultural encoding set in some or all of their programs and/or hardware.  English or American cultural encoding tells the programs that use the computer to use the English language when rendering text or even speech on those computers.

Now imagine if instead of trying a hack attack, Barrack Hussein Obama, as is his wont, is much more passive.  Rather he gets the NSA and other government hackers to leave fake back doors and fake hackable information on corporate and government computers all across America and surreptitiously advertises or otherwise entices Russia, Chinese and North Korean hackers to come in an take a byte.    The fake intelligence that the hackers get into might even have some faux pseudo breakable encryption to fool the hackers into thinking themselves clever to have figured the encryption out. 

Upon running the Trojan, the viruses open like a deadly flower and spread all over the hackers system.  Giving special attention to embedding themselves into removable media such as USB sticks and flash drives.  It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood and these viruses are special.  They can't be spread on American or English culturally encoded computers.  They can only spread on non-English speaking computers.  If you use the Cyrillic alphabet or Mandarin then this bugs for you!  Addition safeguards might be to have NSA make a list of of every MAC address in the western world.  If your computers are not on the list, then next DDOS or botnet attack might be aimed my authorities at you.


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