Saturday, December 17, 2016

Yucky Yuletide: Worst XMAS Foods Ever


Fruitcake:  Need we say more?

Roasted camel:  A middle eastern delicacy--of sorts.

Ribbon candy--more of that grandma candy that even she doesn't like so she makes you eat it.

Marzipan--you can have my share.

Shrimp Christmas tree--let's just say that I didn't like shrimp before seeing that, that thing...

Frozen fruitcake salad:  You will swear someone is trying to feed you the cat's vomit.

Vegetable and Tuna Jell-O Wreath:  AKA:  Ring of Death

Mincemeat:  What if we make a rule that whatever food happens in England, stays in England.  And as far as eating it--let's just say we didn't.  No blood pudding please.  And nothing from their neighbors like haggis neither. 

St Lucia eye bread:  You poor bastard.  You are gonna think I made up a holiday bread that is supposed to resemble the ripped out eyeballs of a saint--until you look it up.

Green Been Casserole:  Fish face of Star Wars fame said it best--It's a trap!

And now for the year around disgusting dishes.   And yes, millions if not more eat this crap:

 Altogether now:  Maggoty cheese, Maggoty cheese, maggots in my cheese!   Yes, there's cheese that people actually eat with live maggots in it.

Fish sperm.  Yes. No.  Yes there are people who eat it.  No, I won't

Tuna eyballs

Ant eggs

 Jellied moose nose

 Dog meat

Corn fungus


Sheep's head

Roasted goat

Live baby octopus

Anything with the word "stink" such as "stink heads" which is kind of rotted fish

 Bat paste:  sorrow caped crusader.  But some say you tasted good.

Bat soup

Fried brains

Ant larvae

Birds nest soup


Duck embryos

 Rotted seal

100 and 1000 year old eggs  (not really that old but old)

Pig blood

Pig's blood pancakes

Pig's blood pudding

Ox penis

Insects and worms

Chicken feet

Blood sausage


Wasp crackers



Coffee from a monkey's butt

Fish eggs

Stink bugs


Horse meat

Frogs legs



Fried snake

Bull testicles

Yak penis

Snake heart

Bush meat



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