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Predictions for the Year 2017


It turns out that both Christianity and capitalism were suicide pacts.  This fact was brought home when the last pope ever spent his reign condemning capitalism, criticizing Christians and praising Muslims and Islam.    His last official act was to convert to Islam and the Catholic church went with him.  After all, popes are infallible.


California will secede for the union.  Once the republicans in the rest of the country realize they could have republican rule over the rest of the United States in perpetuity they were eager to ratify California's desire to secede.

One year after secession California is taken over by Mexico.

Two years after secession the drug cartel declares that it is against the law to be a gringo in Mexico--any part of Mexico.  In truth they were angered after the United States declared the death penalty for the sale, use or possession of drugs and they drug dealers had no more market.  The narco-terrorists were dying out and they wanted to make someone pay for that.  The gringos of California made a perfect target.  The gringos try to escape into the US but they were stopped by tall fence,  angry border guards and the fact that anyone who stayed in California after secession was put a a terror watch list.


At first Canada will ban pork.  Then they will ban beer.  Then they will ban bikinis.  Then the prime minister will convert to Islam.  Then the nation will convert to Islam.


It turned out that miscreants, pranksters thieves and never do wells of all sorts thought that hacking an election would be a cool thing to do.  However, they knew everyone would be looking at the front door--the internet.  They decided to come in through the back door.  They planted listening and watching devices in and on every voting both and in every state registrar.  With mostly video evidence they were able to prove that in California alone 1 million foreign criminals voted illegally for Hillary Clinton and  1 million legal voters voted two or more times fore Hillary Clinton.  With video and audio evidence they were able to prove that 1 million dead people voted for Hillary Clinton.  They were also able to prove that various foreign entities and powers had hacked both voting machines and vote counting machines and in exchange for millions in bribes from a certain foreign billionaire, they created millions of fake votes for Hillary Clinton mostly in California.  What was difficult to understand was why was so much effort put into to California a state Hillary Clinton could win without help.  It turned out that the criminals and pranksters hired to do this job were both lazy and cursed with a sick sense of humor.  It was easier to hack California because California was practically begging to hacked by foreign criminals--they were quite lack in their security.  Also the pranksters though it would be funny to throw the election in way that did not matter at all.

The politicians responded by imposing the death penalty for anyone who spied on elected or appointed government officials.  Both republicans and democrats wanted to make sure they could lie, cheat and steal without being caught.

As for the integrity of the voting booth, the politicians put out a low bid contract to jam all electronic devices around a polling pace.  The cheap electronic devices were easily hacked and the next election was stolen.


 In the long run, after all western leaders have accomplished their twin goals of destroying capitalism and Christianity,  only two human cultures will remain.  Radical Islam and Chinese communism.  In the end, Radical Islam will prevail.  It will do so because its adherents truly believe God is on their side and they are happy to kill any who disagree with them.  As for the communists, at the core, they still believe in materialism and money and they were unable to eradicate human greed.  Communism will have traitors who will accept wealth from Islamists to betray communism.  Islamists will spend a great deal of time and energy seeking, finding and killing any who betray the faith.

The final sprint for the communists will come when they implant electrodes, RFID codes and monitoring computers in all their babies.  They will believe they can win by infecting every human with nanobots--even the Islamists.  The Islamists will detonate a ring of EMP bombs around the communists and even around their own communities to stop the spread of electronic contagion.

All of the communist elite will flee the planet and colonize Mars.

All earth technology will be destroyed and the Islamists will regain their 14th century "paradise".   The Islamists will continually destroy all technology wherever they find forever and ever.

 The Islamists will practice a strict form of Sharia that will include:

1)    Female genital mutilation
2)    Punishing rape victims
3)    Honor killing
4)    Child Brides
5)    Sexually enslaving women
6)      Punishing homosexuals
7)    Murdering homosexuals
8)    Child marriage
9)    Domestic Violence
10)    Disciplining or Punishing Wives
11)     Beating Wives
12)     Violence Against Women
13)     Forced Marriage
14)     Women being beaten or raped for wearing "inappropriate clothing"
15)     Women being beaten or raped for leaving the house without a male relative as a chaperon
16)     Women and men beating beaten and sometimes killed for expressing inappropriate  thoughts in a blog.
17)     Women and men being beaten and sometimes killed for being accused of disrespecting the religion of peace and tolerance.
18)     The belief that flogging, stoning, beheading and imprisonment are appropriate punishments for adultery, apostasy, witchcraft and blasphemy.
19)     Virginity Testing
20)     mufa khathat
21)     Rape and marriage with 6 year olds and 9 year olds
22)     taqiyya
23)     tawriya
24)     kitman
25)     muruna
26)     pedophilia
27)     child rape
28)     bestiality
29)     The penalty for inappropriate cartooning will be death


In the future all rechargeable batteries no matter how large--even those that power houses and cars--will be able to recharge in seconds and then discharge in hours.  This will happen because the batteries will have interior physical structures that are easily manipulated and reshaped or recharged by  powerful electric and magnetic fields but complex chemical structures that release energy slowly over hours.

Given that the new batteries are rechargeable due  to a physical process rather than a chemical one, it will be possible to recharge batteries with human or animal energy and so even the most remote places will have electricity if they want it.

All extremes of heat and cold will also be useful to charge batteries.  So just setting "cold batteries" out in the cold will recharge then and setting "hot batteries" out in the sun will recharge them.


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