Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Iron Is Hot: Blacks Should Take Over Both Political Parties


In case you weren't paying close attention this last election cycle both parties were in a bit of disarray.  Did you notice those millions of Bernie Sanders supporters who did not care for Hillary Clinton?   And after the republican party governed against the will of the people for years they got Donald Trump.

For a short time the disarray and confusion that exists in the political structure of both parties could leave them extremely vulnerable to a determined group of say:  Community Organizers who know what they want.

For those who are really thinking deeply this is a bit of an IQ test.  Yes, I said the republican establishment also has their heads up their behinds or in the ground or somewhere  other than in the game.  Blacks, especially more conservative minded blacks, may find they can walk right into the party apparatus in their state and take it over unopposed.  To quote Donald Trump:  What have you got to lose?

If you are black, Donald Trump owes you a job anyway.  Remember?  He promised.













Trump The Race Card: How Trump Can Win The Black Vote







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