Monday, July 11, 2016

Only Google Can Save the Black Community


I saw a story that said that Google was going to train 2 million people in India how to build apps for smart phones.   So I thought, suppose instead Google taught 2 million young, black men how to code apps.   Then I thought, why not?  If someone said that such a task was hard, or difficult or even impossible, doesn't Google pride itself in accomplishing technological feats?  Don't they try to come off as being smarter than the average bear?  If they are so smart, surely they can figure a way to make headway on a particularly difficult problem.

So this approach could prove difficult for all sorts of reasons but what if it would solve most of the racial strife in America.  It could also solve several economic and social problems. I don't know about you but between my job, commute, and home life, I have almost no opportunity to have encounters with the police whether good or bad.  Sometimes the answer is don't be where the problem is.  It actually doesn't matter who is causing the problem or even if we can agree about the nature of the problem.  Deciding how to spend the proceeds from a good IT job is a much better problem to have than deciding whether the next confrontation you have is worth your life.

Government can't or won't solve some of our most persistent social and economic problems so maybe big business will have to.  After all there's more than Google out there.  There's Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Oracle, Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and many others who could pitch in.

The left will not solve this problem because they need a captive population of the underemployed who can be counted on to vote for a bigger social welfare system.  And the right won't solve the problem because they need a captive populace to blame and lecture.  There needs to be a third way.


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