Thursday, July 14, 2016

School Is Better Than Prison

School is better than prison and military service is better than jail.  We had a much safer and nicer society when a troubled young man was given the choice between the military and jail.   President Obama should take a break from trying to use his imaginary extended executive privileges to benefit foreign criminals and instead he should induct troubled youth into the military.  Even if he has to waive requirements like a high school diploma to do it.  Young black males should only take military occupational specialties that offer technical training and money for college after the service.  Every black man who leaves the military should take with him experience in fixing computers, or writing software, or administering a database, or programming a database, or administering a network.  If Obama would do all of this for about 2 million chronically unemployed young black men, all of the problems that produced organizations like BLM would disappear.


Is there a correlation between the populations of young men with the highest rate of unemployment and rates of incarceration, violence and crime?  If there is, would more good jobs for these unemployed men fix everything?






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