Thursday, July 14, 2016

What Leonardo DiCaprio Can Do With His White Privilege


  Do you ever get tired of self righteous blow hards, hypocrites and Green Weenies, with the carbon foot print of a small country, lecturing the rest of us about well, ANYTHING?

Wouldn't it be nice to make one these millionaire morons put his money where is mouth is--just for once?  Well maybe you can.  Encourage Leo to start a crowd funding site to cure one of our most persistent social concerns.  The consistently high employment rate amongst young black men.  Fixing this problem will fix a whole boat load of social ills.  The support for Black Lives Matter will dry up and blow away because the perceived need for the group will dry up and blow away.  The only way to do this right is not through welfare or charity but rather through a transfer of information and skills to the chronically unemployed.  To those who have a problem with this on principle I want to know if you complained when Google proposed to teach 2 million people from India how to code apps.  As near as I can tell, no one complained about that information transfer.  2 million app coders in India will be scarcely noticed.  2 million newly minted young black IT personnel in the United States would feel in it's societal effect like all our problems had been solved.


Is there a correlation between the populations of young men with the highest rate of unemployment and rates of incarceration, violence and crime?  If there is, would more good jobs for these unemployed men fix everything?





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