Friday, July 15, 2016

What Do Rich Blacks Owe The African American Community?

A video game.  Of course.  No seriously.  It has been in the news that Google intends to teach millions of people from India how to code android apps because lord knows what unemployed blacks need is more future H1B visa holders.

Corporate America may have turned its back on young black men but black media stars should not.  In order for this work they will need to support the teaching of 2 million young black men how do do IT and how to get jobs in IT within two years.  If this is done it may fix many if not most of the problems experienced by the black community now and for all time.  Many initiatives must e tried immediately.  For instance, providing app programming instruction and inexpensive and/or used computers to every young black man.  One of the first things a young man might do if he has access to more than one computer is to set up and administer his own local network. 

Wealthy blacks can certainly spare a little change to help this endeavor but with wealthy and popular African Americans lending their good names and influence to the enterprise could prove to be much more valuable.



Is there a correlation between the populations of young men with the highest rate of unemployment and rates of incarceration, violence and crime?  If there is, would more good jobs for these unemployed men fix everything?






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