Monday, July 25, 2016

Sharia Hillary The Zombie Queen

After the loyalists of her arch Enemy Bernie, the Weekend Warrior threatened to ruin her coronation, Sharia Hillary the Zombie Queen unleashed her zombie hordes.  Well, they weren’t actually her zombie hordes exactly.  Actually they belonged to Barry Soetoro, aka president Hussein.  They were his pet terrorists whom he let sneak across the border.  The terrorists weren’t really zombies they were just a death cult.  They created zombies.  They recruited every drug addict in the kingdom, got them all high and then instructed them to attack the guards at the coronation in a suicidal fashion if they wanted to get more drugs.  The zombie drug addicts were too wasted to realize they were just a suicide squad.  Given that all the suicidal zombies carried the insignia of Weekend at Bernie’s, he was blamed for the insurrection.

The real action occurred in the kingdom  of High Governor Moonbeam of Corruptafornia as he sat astride his Crony Train cajoling the people to bite the heads off chickens and make sacrifices to Mother Earth.   One of his earlier decrees was to make Corruptafornia a gun free state.  The Death Cult took over the entire free and gunless state of Corruptafornia in minutes.  The voters of California got wanted they wanted in their heart of hearts for years.  After all they kept voting for open border democrats who kept enticing foreign criminals to cross the border.  Also democrats kept creating sanctuary cities as havens for foreign criminals and terrorists.  The democrats even gave foreign criminals and terrorists drivers licenses and encouraged them to vote.  It was only a matter of time before people who were given free health care and welfare in exchange for stealing jobs and breaking every law in the book, would break that law against civilians having guns and walk across the border that president Hussein deliberately left porous and take over the left wing lunacy that was California--whoops I mean Corruptafornia.

For good measure, the Death Cult took over the People’s Republic of Mexico as well.  They did a quick decapitation strike against the police and military and promised a share of the drug money to everyone else.

The preceding was a joke about a political opinion about a movie plot.  Any resemblance between anyone living or dead probably just means you’re stupid. 
No zombies were hurt during the writing of this article.  For criminals will probably vote illegally for the  Zombie Queen in real life but it’s not their fault.  They will be bribed.


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